Processes of AgeSA Become Living and Developing Facts


AgeSA decided to improve its call center Operations this year within the scope of their modernization project. Goals of this modernization projects have been determined as; creating a solution for customer’s problem in the first call and completing the requested transaction immediately. AgeSA Mobile & Service Development Unit Manager Ahmet Çağatay Tunalı remarks that they have started to work for evaluating business processes all over and simplification of those processes within the scope of their digital transformation project. In this context, both customer satisfaction and swift and seamless process development have been aimed. As a result of PoC studies done by different products for design and development of processes, IBM Cloud Paks for Automation product family has been decided to be used.

Çağatay Tunalı who mentions, “Subsequently, our pursuit of finding a partner both has a mastery in IBM product family and covers the requirements of AgeSA has come to an end with the decision to make an agreement with JFORCE which has been providing us services for BPM, CEP and ODM products.” and also continues his words as “Processes within the scope of ‘new generation call center’ have been worked on and entire processes have been transferred to IBM Blueworks successfully”. JFORCE Software and Business Development Director Ümit Sile shares that information “Our goal was to design a process Management which may provide fastest solution to AvivaSA customers. We have started with mapping 40 call center processes in detail by working with related departments and recorded every step of processes one by one. We have also get help from IBM’s Blueworks Live product which may be used by business units for specifying, analysing, documenting and visualizing of their own products.”

Swift Responses to Customers Demands, Saving Time and Cost

“This job consists of two parts,” says Sile. Sile who adds, “First part is business analysis and documentation, in other words consultancy. Second part is software development and tailor-made coding. We have mapped the journey of entire business processes through business unit in detail.” also emphasizes this is a ready-made platform. He says, “We adapt that platform according to customers’ needs. Connections to call center software, any core insurance or banking software could be established via services. You may use familiar interfaces of your application or you may use them as orchestrator in the background.” Common ground where all of those endeavor meet is cost and time saving. Sile shares “Thanks to this system, strategical decisions may be made from upper levels only by looking at the data. You may solve your customers’ problems faster and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Since they can track the process in a better way, managers provide more objective performance evaluation to their employees. Every employee may read the processes, comment them and demand improvements. Process are no longer in a folder on the rack, they become living and dynamic facts.”

Author: Baturalp Sağlam